Which is the most accurate bank card BIN number checker?

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What is a card BIN number?

A complete bank card number consists of 13-19 digits, of which the first 6 digits are “Bank Identification Number” (BIN), through which you can identify the card issuer, the institution, and the location of the card.

When using any virtual card, credit card, or prepaid card, it is necessary to check the card’s BIN number to confirm that the card is suitable for the business.

What is the most accurate and authoritative website to check the card’s BIN number?

If you search for “bank card BIN check“, “BIN checker” and other keywords directly in search engines, you will usually find some “spam sites”. Some of these spam sites are individual webmasters who access the cheap card BIN database API interface, and then use various SEO techniques to make the site to the top of the search page, through high traffic into the site, to earn Google Adsense advertising fees. There’s nothing inherently wrong with this type of tool-based site, except that his card BIN database isn’t always accurate or up to date.

VCCBUS recommends one of the most authoritative and accurate websites to check the card BIN: https://www.bindb.com/. This is a card BIN data provider, such as the U.S. Treasury, Microsoft, Paypal, Saxo Bank, eBay, and other corporate institutions, are his customers, access to his database.

Bindb has more than 380,000 card BINs from all over the world, which are regularly updated. Bindb’s card BIN numbers are over 99% accurate and are collected from banks, financial institutions, and e-commerce companies.

Click on the [BIN SEARCH] button at the top of the website to check the card BIN number.

Which is the most accurate bank card BIN number checker?

Individual users can only search for free 10 times, beyond the number of times will be prompted to purchase.

Which is the most accurate bank card BIN number checker?

If you are doing e-commerce business, you can pay for Bindb’s card BIN data checking service to effectively prevent or reduce credit card denial, fraud, credit card theft, and other malicious activities during the transaction process.

Detailed Analysis of Card BIN Number

Here is an example of a 408544 virtual card, here are the results of the query

  • BIN: The card BIN number is 408544
  • Card Brand: also known as the card organization, VISA
  • Issuing Bank: The issuing bank, which may be a non-bank financial institution in addition to a bank.
  • Card Type: credit card, others include Debit Card, Charge Card, Deferred Debit Card, and so on.
  • Card Level: Classic, commonly known as a regular card. The common VISA branded levels are Visa Top-Up Card, Visa Travel Money, Visa Purchasing, Visa Classic, Visa Signature, Visa Gold, Visa Business, Visa Gold. Corporate, Visa Platinum, Visa Infinite, etc. The common levels of MasterCard are Standard Card, Gold Card, Platinum Card, Titanium Card, World Card, and so on.
  • Iso Country Name: the US, International Organization for Standardization country name, United States of America.
  • Iso Country A2: Alpha-2 code for ISO countries, e.g. “CN” for China’s A2 code and “US” for the United States.
  • Iso Country A3: Alpha-3 codes for ISO countries, e.g. “CHN” for China and “USA” for the United States.
  • Iso Country Number: International Organization for Standardization (ISO) country numeric codes, e.g. “156” for China and “840” for the United States.

What type or class a card is should not be identified by a commonplace call, but must be confirmed based on the data feedback obtained from querying the BIN.

Some prepaid cards or gift cards are feedback as “Gift” or “Prepaid” at the Card Level. Gift cards and prepaid cards are usually anonymous, non-reloadable, single-use, and have no way to check the cardholder’s credit history. In some postpaid services, such as subscriptions, if paid for with a prepaid card or gift card, the user can refuse to pay for subsequent subscriptions after the first month of using the subscription because the card balance is insufficient to cover the overdraft. From the merchant’s perspective, this results in a “loss” for them. Or maybe there is a problem with the funds used to purchase prepaid gift cards, which can lead to cases of anonymous fraud. This is why the use of prepaid cards, or gift cards, is difficult to accept at some merchants.

A virtual card generated in certain e-wallets, such as the BIN559900 virtual card generated through Yandex.Money. This type of virtual card is created to protect the physical card of the user’s wallet from theft and can be canceled at any time. This type of virtual card also belongs to the category of prepaid cards, which is acceptable for general purchases and not suitable for certain payment platforms.

There’s not much difference in substance between the Business and Corporate cards in the card class, one favoring employee payments for small companies and the other favoring financial management for large corporations, with the latter being superior.

BIN408544 and BIN553232 are two types of virtual cards, both of which are credit cards in Bindb’s database. Using these virtual cards to pay for purchases makes it easier for merchants to accept them because they believe the users are creditworthy and can maintain a long-term relationship with them. Business-grade or corporate-grade cards work even better if they are used. Of course, the widely used and abused virtual cards are a different story.

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