VMcardio Hong Kong Global Cash BIN 529587 virtual card platform

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VMcardio is a Chinese virtual card issuance platform that allows you to create unlimited virtual cards.

As the platform is developed by the Chinese and is aimed at Chinese users, to use this card issuing platform, you must have a Chinese mobile number to register your account, as well as an Alipay to recharge! Prepaid SIM cards with Chinese mobile phone numbers can be purchased at some online stores to solve the problem of receiving SMS verification. If you have a Chinese friend, you can ask him to help you to recharge it. No KYC authentication is required to register for this card issuing platform. This platform has a Chinese interface, but you can use Google Chrome to translate it into your own language.

VMCardio card issuance platform registration

VMcardio unlimited card issuance platform provides BIN 529587 Hong Kong Global Cash virtual cards.

Registration Gateway:http://app.vmcardio.com/login/register.html?code=999273

Analysis of card BIN 529587

VMcardio Hong Kong Global Cash BIN 529587 virtual card platform
  • Debit debit card type, Prepaid card level
  • Issued by Hongkong Epaylinks techonlogy co. LTD
  • MasterCard
  • Unlimited number of cards
  • Single purchase limit of $350
  • $3,000 annual spending limit
  • Valid for 3 years
  • Card issuance fee $4 per card
  • Minimum charge of $15
  • 3.5% recharge fee
  • Cardholder’s name can be customized

Recharge and Balance Refund

Recharge first, then create a virtual card and use Alipay to recharge.

Unused balances can be withdrawn through Alipay and returned, with the platform collecting a 5% fee on the cash withdrawal amount, which is usually processed within 2 working days.

VMcardio Virtual Card Usage Considerations

  • It is strictly forbidden to overspend (the card balance is not enough to pay the actual order amount resulting in failure to spend).
  • Large numbers of small authorized transactions (Pending orders) are strictly prohibited
  • Spending at non-compliant merchants (digital currencies, gambling sites, etc.) is strictly prohibited
  • Through the platform manual wind control audit, reasonable suspicion of other illegal use of the card situation

VMcardio card issuance platform screenshots

VMcardio Hong Kong Global Cash BIN 529587 virtual card platform
VMcardio Hong Kong Global Cash BIN 529587 virtual card platform

In the payment process, due to factors such as user behavior image, browser fingerprint, IP address, etc., there is no guarantee of 100% successful payment for all consumption scenarios.

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