Two websites where you can purchase Visa/MasterCard virtual gift cards and VCC

I’ve written before about Google’s tips for searching virtual card platforms, and searching a few specific keywords will reveal some virtual card resources. But many of these virtual card resources are either no longer in service or we don’t have the relevant qualifications to open an account. Then think differently, because ultimately we need virtual cards, we might as well just buy them off the shelf.


Website: This site sells Google Play gift cards! Netflix gift cards, Spotify gift cards, Airbnb gift cards, Best Buy, and more! And gift cards for various e-commerce shopping, lifestyle, and entertainment platforms.

Two websites where you can purchase Visa/MasterCard virtual gift cards and VCC

The site also sells Visa/MasterCard virtual and physical gift cards, where the physical card can be customized with the card face and the corporate user can order in bulk; the virtual prepaid gift card can be purchased online and the system will send the card information to the designated email address after payment.

Visa/MasterCard virtual gift cards are issued by MetaBank if, within one year of purchase Not used, the card will incur a $4.95 administrative fee starting in the thirteenth month, and the card can only be used for purchases in the U.S. online and offline. You can’t top up or withdraw cash from ATMs.

Purchasing a virtual gift card will result in an opening fee of $5.95. For example, if you buy a $10 face value, you’ll end up paying $15.90, or $105.90 if you buy a $100 face value.

Vccbus tried to pay for the purchase, but because this site is limited to sales within the US, payment is only supported by card number or Amex Checkout, I paid with a non-US issued credit card and it failed, the order was Cancelled even though the billing address I entered was a US address, this site has AVS verification, only $1 will be charged for verification, not full payment, after a few hours it will say the order was cancelled and you must use a card issued by a US bank to pay.


Web site:, which is also a gift card sales site, they offer Vanilla eGift Vanilla Virtual Gift Card, $3.95-$5.95 opening fee for card purchase. Supported for the U.S. online and offline use only.

Two websites where you can purchase Visa/MasterCard virtual gift cards and VCC

Paypal, Bitcoin and other payment methods can be supported.

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