The Chura Virtual Card from Kenya, Africa

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Chura,, this virtual card platform is currently suspended Service, you can learn about registering for it, and then use it later when it’s back up.

According to the website, this is supposed to be a project run by a few university students in Nairobi, Kenya, which offers the following services.

  • Mobile Phone Number Recharge and Payment Service
  • Top-ups and withdrawals between Mpesa and Paypal (the site doesn’t go into detail about Mpesa, I’m guessing it’s something like a virtual bank account, this service has been discontinued)
  • Chura virtual card service (currently suspended and working towards recovery)
  • Chura Money Transfer Service (not yet online)

Registering an account requires verification of email address, Kenyan address, Kenyan mobile number, and personally identifiable information is optional.

After logging in, you can open the card with one click, the card is a one-time use, can not be topped up repeatedly, the top-up amount will be deducted from your Kenya mobile phone bill. . The detailed fee structure is as follows.

  • Foreign exchange transaction fee: KES 108
  • Card opening fee: Kshs. 500
  • Recharge fee: KES 70
  • Monthly service fee: $1.95
  • Maximum recharge amount: $300
The Chura Virtual Card from Kenya, Africa

After opening the card, there is a dedicated card management panel: (currently not open) .

Chura virtual card claims to support Paypal tied cards, Amazon, Netflix, Facebook, DigitalOcean, and other platforms for spending.

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