Talk about the benefits of paying with virtual gift cards

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Scope of Use of Gift Cards

A virtual gift card is a quick and easy way to pay online, and it can be used on almost most of the world’s websites with a Visa or MasterCard logo. Pay with the Mastercard logo on your website. You can purchase online without leaving your home. Not only does it save time out of the house, but it also simplifies the process of buying the products you need.

Three benefits of paying with virtual gift cards

Now on to the benefits of using virtual gift cards

Protection of individual privacy

Protecting your privacy is very understandable. Nowadays, the security of information and privacy on the Internet is becoming more and more important. When paying your bills, you are increasingly concerned about the security of your payment environment. If you pay with a gift card, you may feel more secure because the card is anonymous and you don’t have to worry about your information giving away when you pay for your order.

No need to worry about credit card theft

We often hear about credit card theft because our credit card information has been compromised when we pay on a third-party website! If someone takes your credit card and goes somewhere else to spend money after your credit card information has been compromised, it is very difficult to get the money back, and even if you can, it can make us exhausted. If you use a virtual gift card to pay, the balance in the gift card is small, so we don’t have to worry too much about the safety of our property.

Don’t worry about being overcharged

In order to order some paid products or services online, we often need to enter our credit card information. Sometimes we just want to try it out or buy it for a month, and if we use our real credit card, we may forget about it! Cancellation of monthly subscriptions is more expensive, and even some websites have a very hidden cancellation feature that cannot be found.This embarrassment can be solved by using a gift card to pay, the amount of money in our gift card is relatively small, basically a month of use. Even if the other party deducts the monthly paid content, he may not be able to complete it because your gift card balance is small.

The current best websites where you can buy virtual gift cards


This website sells Google Play gift cards, Netflix gift cards, Spotify gift cards, Airbnb gift cards, Best Buy and other kinds of e-commerce lifestyle and entertainment gift cards.

Talk about the benefits of paying with virtual gift cards

In addition, the site also sells Visa/MasterCard virtual and physical gift cards, where physical cards can be customized with a card face, and corporate users can customize cards in bulk; virtual prepaid gift cards can be purchased directly online, and the system will send the card information to the designated email address after payment.

Visa/MasterCard virtual gift cards are issued by MetaBank. If the gift card is not used within one year after purchase, a monthly fee of $4.95 will be incurred the following month. The card can only be used for purchases at U.S. websites or physical stores, and cannot be reloaded or withdrawn from ATMs.

The purchase of a virtual gift card will result in a $5.95 issuance fee, for example, if you purchase a $10 face value virtual gift card, you will end up paying a For $15.90, you’ll also have to pay $105.90 for the $100 face value.

Vccbus tried to purchase a virtual gift card from this site but the purchase always failed, I paid with a credit card issued in my country, but this site is only for US users, purchasing with a credit card issued in another country will be blocked by the AVS system and the payment cannot be completed.

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