SpectroCard virtual card——Spectrocoin’s VCC platform

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SpectroCard is a virtual card platform affiliated with Spectrocoin, and the Spectrocoin is a virtual currency e-wallet, similar to Advcash, Okpay, etc. Unlike Advcash and Okpay, Spectrocoin can only deposit money, not transfer it. It can only be used as an e-wallet, not as a payment or collection tool. SpectroCard offers Mastercard virtual card applications for a fee, with each card costing around 0.5 Euro. The number of cards available is not specified on the website, and the number of cards available is unlimited.

SpectroCard is registered at https://spectrocard.com

SpectroCard——Spectrocoin's virtual card platform

After entering the registration site, you will be asked to fill in the following information.

SpectroCard——Spectrocoin's virtual card platform

Fill in the registration information and then submit, fill in the completion of the mailbox activation, activation completed to login, login to confirm account registration I made.

SpectroCard——Spectrocoin's virtual card platform

Click on the “Order card” button to purchase a virtual card after completing your registration. If there is no balance in your account it will prompt you to top up, click on “Deposit” on the left to top up. Depending on your needs, you can use Perfect Money or Payeer’s top-up.

The top up fee of Perfect Money is much cheaper, we suggest you to use Perfect Money to top up your card, after successful top up, you can click the “Order card” button again to buy the card.

After the card is successfully purchased, the virtual card number and CVV information will be displayed, at this time you must take a screenshot or copy and save it, because the card information will only be displayed completely once, and if you want to view it later, you must contact the customer to answer the security question and then be able to view it again, you can only view it twice, so you must remember to save it!

Introducing the Spectrocoin virtual card again.

Spectrocoin is the parent company of SpectroCard, a website that also offers a virtual card issuance service that allows each account to purchase up to six different virtual cards in currencies such as US dollars, euros, Hong Kong dollars, and Japanese yen.

The opening fee is approximately EUR 0.50 per card. The platform also issues physical Mastercard cards, while virtual cards are owned by VISA. The virtual card is owned by VISA and has been tested and can be successfully used on national and international websites!

Spectrocoin virtual cards are available for purchase at: https://spectrocoin.com/

SpectroCard——Spectrocoin's virtual card platform

A final note is that Spectrocoin and SpectroCard can be logged in with one account and the two platforms can share account balances. However, virtual cards are managed separately, so if you need to apply for a virtual card for both sites, it is recommended that you use different email addresses when registering for the two sites to avoid confusion.

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