SBI Card VISA Virtual Credit Card India

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SBI Card VISA Virtual Credit Card India

SBI Cards are issued by a payment service provider from India and can be used to make purchases at any e-commerce site that accepts Visa cards, no different than a regular physical credit card.

  • Types of cards: VISA Card Organization
  • The currency of the card: Indian rupee
  • Minimum Transaction Amount: 100 rupees
  • Maximum transaction amount: 50,000 rupees
  • Frequency of use: This is a one-time virtual card that can only be used once, after which you can create a new virtual card.
  • Card validity: 48 hours

Here are the steps to create an SBI virtual card

Visit the SBI website,,Register and log in to your SBI account.

Click on the “e-Card” button at the top of the screen.

Then click on the “generate virtual card” tab.

Next, select the account to which you want to transfer the virtual card.

Agree to the terms of use, and then click the “generate” button.

Then enter the cardholder’s name

For account security purposes, the bank sends a verification code to the registered mobile number.

Once the verification is successful, the card is created and you will see the card information for the virtual card.

A few key aspects that need attention

  • SBI virtual cards are disposable and can only be used once and cannot be reloaded repeatedly.
  • SBI virtual card supports 3D security verification, be sure to use a stable mobile phone number during registration as it will be required to receive SMS during 3D verification.
  • The card is valid for 48 hours, please use it as soon as possible after creating the card.
  • Create an SBI virtual card with a minimum recharge amount of Rs. 100 and a maximum recharge amount of Rs. 50,000.
  • Users can create an unlimited number of cards to spend

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