Revolut, the UK’s digital bank, can apply for virtual cards and virtual bank accounts

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This time, I want to introduce you to Revolut, a digital banking service provider from the UK, similar to Entropay, but better than Entropay. As we all know, Entropay can only open virtual cards, while Revolut can apply for both physical and virtual cards, and Entropay is currently unable to apply for new virtual cards and has stopped all Entropay recharge services. So I think if you’re looking for an alternative to Entropay, then Revolut should be a good choice.

Revolut, the UK's digital bank, can apply for virtual cards and virtual bank accounts

Revolut can not only apply for a virtual card or a physical Visa card, but also open a virtual bank account, a universal iban account. With this bank account, you can top up your Revolut account and use it to receive payments conveniently.

Revolut Registration

First of all, you need to download the Revolut app from the App Store or Google Play. You can enter your phone number in the Revolut website ( The system will send the download link to your phone in the form of a text message, click on the link within the message to download and install. Given that Revolut is a UK site and that all virtual card platforms have recently opened registration to European users only, I chose to register with a UK IP and a US phone number.

Open the software and enter your mobile phone number, click “next” button to set the PIN code, which is a four-digit number. which is required when opening the app. Once entered, Revolut will send a 6-digit Verification code, then fill in the verification code to submit.

Then you will enter the personal information filling page, the first thing you should fill in is your name and birthday. Then fill in the address information. Complete the form, enter your email address and click “Continue” to complete the registration.Afterwards you will be prompted to top up, click on “top up” to add a credit card or prepaid card to top up, the minimum top up amount is 10 Pound Sterling.

Once the charge is successful, you will see the iban account number and the virtual card. I opened five virtual cards, as well as asked a friend to help me buy two physical cards for $4.95 each. You can only buy physical cards in the UK.

Revolut, the UK's digital bank, can apply for virtual cards and virtual bank accounts

Above is a picture of the Revolut physical card I got, it’s beautiful. The physical card can be added to the account inside the Revolut app. The verified account allows you to withdraw money from Atm, swipe your card at the POS, shop online, etc.

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