virtual credit card reviews and how to use

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What is a virtual credit card?

Usually, when we pay online, we need to fill in our credit card information (card number, name, expiration date, CVV, etc.), and this information is also stored in some form of the database on the website. If one day this database is hacked by criminals or hackers, who get access to our credit card information, they can steal it with malicious intent and cause us great losses.

Therefore, some banks offer a “virtual credit card” service. You can set an expiration date and spending limit for each virtual credit card (e.g. set a limit of $20 over which you can’t pay). Another advantage of a virtual credit card is that sometimes we subscribe to some services online and in case we forget to cancel the subscription, it will be automatically renewed, resulting in some additional losses. This can be avoided by using a virtual credit card, where you can set a spending limit or an expiration date for your virtual credit card so that you never have to worry about forgetting to cancel your subscription and having it automatically charged.

The place where I use virtual credit cards the most is online shopping, and I’m terrified that shopping sites will give away my real credit card information, whereas using a virtual credit card gives me peace of mind.

The recently released Apple Card is similar to a virtual credit card in that the Apple Card has no physical card and can generate a new credit card number for online purchases each time, but lacks many of Privacy‘s unique security features.

What is Privacy? virtual credit card reviews and how to use

Privacy is a free service that allows you to create a virtual credit card that allows you to avoid using your real information for online purchases, safely and anonymously.

Privacy has several advantages over the virtual card services offered by some banks.

  • Can generate both one-time virtual credit cards and spend limit cards
  • The virtual credit card generated through Privacy can use any name, Billing address, and phone number, thus avoiding exposing your real information. The virtual card services of Citi Bank and Boa Bank, require the user’s real information.
  • More customization options, generate virtual cards that can be turned off, paused, and change spending limits at any time.
  • Privacy virtual credit cards can be used for purchases through the worldwide VISA network.

Creating a Virtual Credit Card with Privacy

After registering your account, click on “New Card” to create a new virtual credit card, create a name for the card, and set the spending limit.

Reusable virtual credit card

Just fill in a spending limit here. virtual credit card reviews and how to use
  • Per Charge: A single purchase cannot exceed this amount, or the payment will be automatically refused.
  • Per month: The total amount spent per month cannot exceed this amount and will be automatically denied if it exceeds this amount.
  • Per year: The total annual consumption cannot exceed this amount, which is automatically rejected.
  • Total: The sum of all purchases made on this virtual card cannot exceed this amount, which is automatically denied.

One-time virtual credit card

One-time virtual credit cards are mainly used to make payments on unsecured websites and to subscribe to some entertainment services. After one use, the card is no longer usable.

Click on the “Single-use” switch in the lower left corner to set this card as a one-time virtual card. virtual credit card reviews and how to use

No real information about yourself, no KYC verification, and total anonymity when using your Privacy virtual credit card!

In addition, Privacy offers a Chrome plugin that makes it easy to create a virtual credit card at any time.

What if I have a return situation?

Don’t worry at all, even if you use a disposable virtual card, the balance will be refunded to Funding Source, such as your own bank account, after a refund is generated.

About Privacy’s 1% cashback

Privacy often offers cashback promotions with 1% cashback on all purchases made with virtual credit cards.


The Privacy virtual credit card provides us with a lot of security.

  • Reduce the risk of credit card theft
  • Reduce the risk of personal information being leaked online
  • Prevent malicious automatic deductions
  • If someone else needs to borrow your credit card to make a purchase, we can generate a one-time virtual credit card for them to prevent the real credit card information from being compromised.
  • Privacy is more powerful and more secure than the virtual card services offered by traditional banks.

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