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The Best Japanese Anime Sites

Usually, you need to pay for good anime products to read or view more content. Many sites in Japan are very strict and only require a Japanese credit card for payment. For example, let’s take today’s featured site, is a pay-per-view site with a wide variety of content, many of which are for adults. Here is a demonstration of how to buy and pay at account registration

Some countries, such as China, are unable to open this site, and I’m not sure if other countries can. If you can’t open it, I suggest using a VPN and selecting a Japanese IP address.

The content of the site is “informative” and warns that only users over the age of 18 can register to view it.

New users sign up and the first month is free.

Payments and purchases

Click on the registration link to register, the registration process is very simple, just fill in the email address on it. There is no need for mobile phone and address verification, which is the best in the same type of animation site.

The first month is free, from the next month it will cost 980 yen per month. Enter your email address, repeat the password, and click submit.

Once submitted, you will be redirected to the payment verification page where you will need to fill in your Japanese credit card information. You must use a credit card or Japan VCC with 3D security verification to pay here.

After entering the correct credit card number, date and CVV code, you are ready for 3D verification.

When the 3D verification is successful, you will be redirected to the payment success screen. You can now view the paid content on the website.

About Japan Virtual Credit Card

If you don’t have a Japan Virtual Credit Card, you can contact me to pay for it.

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