Payeer Virtual Card Application Tutorial

Payeer is an Okpay-like payment tool. Payeer can be used in Advcash, Qiwi Wallet, Yandex. Money wallet, and inter-cryptocurrency currency exchange. Also used for payment at some sites. Payeer gives us several virtual cards from Mastercard, Payeer is several virtual The cheapest of the cards can be purchased for only $0.50. However, it is also a relatively difficult virtual card to obtain, as Payeer requires a verified account to purchase a virtual card.

Once your account is verified, then you will be able to get 2 physical MasterCard’s and 2 virtual MasterCard’s at Payeer.

After testing, the first purchase failed and succeeded when making the second purchase without verification.

Registered at:

Open the above registration address, create a wallet, enter your email address and verification code to submit the registration, you will receive an activation code in your email, after you fill in the activation code, click next to fill in the information page, the information is completed, confirm the registration.

After registration, the system will send your registration information to your email address. You can log in to Payeer using your phone number, email address, or Payeer account number. An account at the beginning, after successful registration, this account will be sent to your email with a random password, please check Payeer in your email! Account number and password.

The first thing you need to do after logging in is to top up your Payeer card, which is easier than other virtual cards because it supports all major e-wallets and can be topped up using your local bank account.

After logging in, click the “ADD” button to top up your account, fill in the amount and currency you want to top up.

Payeer Virtual Card Application Tutorial

Fill out the completed click “ADD” for the next step, then select the rechargeable tools, select the completion of the next step, follow the instructions to complete the recharge.

After you have reloaded successfully, you can start buying cards, which cost $0.50 each. cards to proceed to the card purchase step.

Then click on add card.

Payeer Virtual Card Application Tutorial

Take the next step and fill in the details.

Payeer Virtual Card Application Tutorial

Select the type of card, fill in the address, and contact information and click OK to enter the payment confirmation page, after the payment is confirmed, the virtual card purchase is successful.

Payeer Virtual Card Application Tutorial

After payment, go back to the Payeer homepage, click “my cards” again and you will see the purchased cards. You can recharge and withdraw cash from the card.

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  1. Hello sir, I verified my account but if I add money using credit/Debit card it’s came cancelled I don’t know Why 😔😔😔😔

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