Moneypolo VISA Mastercard Virtual Card Application Tutorial

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Moneypolo is an e-wallet tool, similar to Okpay, and is the first virtual card platform I know of that offers the ability to get both Visa and Mastercard cards and supports top-up purchases via credit cards, QIWI e-wallets, and more.

Moneypolo has both virtual and physical cards available for applications, which require verification of personal identification information, a passport photo and proof of address to be authenticated.

Moneypolo cards are available for a fee, with virtual cards costing $15 per card and Visa chip cards selling for $13, Mastercard chip cards cost $20, not including shipping.USD, Mastercard chip cards cost $20, not including shipping. The cost of the card plus shipping is more expensive, so we recommend using the Moneypolo VCC.

Sign up for a Moneypolo account

To apply for Moneypolo? then you must first sign up for a Moneypolo account and apply for The Moneypolo account that can be accessed from the following link.

Moneypolo website address:

After entering the website, find the “Register” link in the upper right corner and click on the link to register, you can choose Facebook or Google account to register, or you can choose Sign Up to register directly.

Moneypolo VISA Mastercard Virtual Card Application Tutorial

Click Sign Up to go to the next page to fill out the registration information, fill in your real personal information, and only after the verification is required to apply for the Moneypolo Virtual Card.

Moneypolo VISA Mastercard Virtual Card Application Tutorial

Fill out the information, agree to the terms of the site, click the “Register” button to proceed to the next step, follow the prompts to complete your registration information, and complete the mobile phone number and email verification.

Verify your Moneypolo account

After registering your Moneypolo account, you will need to verify your Moneypolo account before you can apply for a Moneypolo virtual card. Moneypolo account identification requires a passport photo and proof of address, bank statements and utility bills are acceptable and cannot be older than three months. Once submitted, it will probably be processed within the next 48 hours, and a notification message will be sent to your email address once it has been approved.

Buy Moneypolo VCC

Once your Moneypolo account has been successfully verified, you will be able to purchase virtual cards, as there is a fee to purchase the cards. If you want to make a deposit to your Moneypolo account, you need to do so beforehand. There are many ways to top up your Moneyplo account, so choose the one that suits you best.

Moneypolo VISA Mastercard Virtual Card Application Tutorial

The minimum amount to purchase a card at Moneypolo is $15, so you’ll need to top up at least $15, and more if you want to purchase more cards.

After you have topped up your card, and you are sure that the amount you have topped up is sufficient to purchase at least one Moneypolo card, click on the “Prepaid card” button on the navigation bar to enter the virtual card purchase page.

Moneypolo VISA Mastercard Virtual Card Application Tutorial

Click on the “Order a Card” button to select the card you want to buy, I chose a virtual card, so we choose Virtual MasterCard” for $15. You can choose cards that are valid for 1, 3, 6, and 12 months, all for $15.

The longer the validity period means the longer you can use it, the shorter the use period, and in any case, you need to run out of funds before your card expires so that you can avoid as much hassle as possible.

The purchase application is also reviewed by Moneypolo after it is submitted, and the entire process takes approximately 48 hours to complete! If the card is approved, the card information will be displayed in your Moneypolo account. Then you can use your Moneypolo virtual card. Usually, your account is verified and you are almost always able to purchase a virtual card.

Another great feature of Moneypolo is that when you have successfully verified your account, Moneypolo will also assign you a UK bank account containing IBAN and BIC / SWIFT information that can be used to receive transfer payments from European countries, which is equivalent to having a bank account in a European country.

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