How do I get a US virtual credit card?

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What is a virtual credit card?

A virtual credit card is a service offered by banks that allows online shoppers to build on the original physical credit card by generating a virtual card number, expiration date, and security code. A virtual credit card is associated with a physical credit card and is no different in use than a regular credit card. Virtual credit cards can be used to reduce credit card fraud and personal information leakage, as virtual credit cards can be set up for one-time use or with a spending limit, and some virtual cards can also be customized with the cardholder’s name and billing address to prevent real personal information from being recorded or stolen by third-party websites. Some financial institutions even issue virtual credit cards directly to users.

How to get a virtual credit card?

You can use the website

I have previously introduced this Privacy virtual credit card provider and they are still very professional within the virtual credit card industry. After signing up for a account, you can create a U.S. virtual credit card that includes a card number, expiration date, CVV, and better yet, it can be set up with any cardholder name and billing address you want! You can set this virtual credit card for one-time use and automatically destroy it after completing a payment, or set a spending limit for this card, for example, $50, so that our money will not be stolen. To sign up for a virtual credit card, you just need to tie a debit card of a US bank for topping up, And it’s free for personal use.

How do I get a US virtual credit card?

CitiBank Virtual Credit Card

If you have a Citi bank account, you can create a virtual credit card from the “Credit Card Services->Virtual Account Number” page.

How do I get a US virtual credit card?

There are two ways to use the Citi Bank Virtual Credit Card, either by creating a virtual card directly or by using it through Auto fill.

How do I get a US virtual credit card?

Note that the billing address and cardholder name for the Citi Bank Virtual Credit Card are still your own real information and cannot be customized. So, there is still the possibility of compromising privacy.

How do I get a US virtual credit card?

Capital One Virtual Credit Card

Capital One Bank offers a service called “Eno” that allows the generation of virtual credit cards.

How do I get a US virtual credit card?

To my surprise, “Eno” is a Chrome browser plugin! It is very convenient to install this plugin and log into your Catital One bank account so that you can automatically create and enter your virtual credit card information when you make a payment. When this feature is no longer used, just uninstall the plugin.

NetSpend Virtual Card

NetSpend offers a virtual card service that allows users to create up to six virtual credit cards to avoid inadvertent charges to our real credit cards when we sign up for some trials.

How do I get a US virtual credit card?

Sable Digital Banking Virtual Card

No SSN number is required to sign up for Sable Digital Banking. Regardless of your country, all you need to apply for a Sable Bank account is your passport and a U.S. visa (with B1/B2), and a U.S. address to receive your card. Sable Digital Bank offers a physical MasterCard debit card, a virtual card, and the U.S. Checking bank account number, all for free!

Sable Digital Banking is for those who are not comfortable traveling to the US and do not have an SSN, but need to have a US bank account. It can be used to make purchases on US e-commerce sites and can also be linked to a Paypal account for cash withdrawals.

How do I get a US virtual credit card?

Revolut Digital Bank

Revolut Digital Bank was first originated in Europe, and is a popular virtual bank in Europe, and recently Revolut has arrived in the United States to provide financial services. Revolut US offers a Checking account, a physical VISA debit card, and a virtual card that supports multiple transfer methods. A valid U.S. visa is required to apply for Revolut US, and the entire registration process takes only 5 minutes.

Things to keep in mind when using a virtual credit card

  • A virtual credit card has the same limit as a physical credit card and cannot be overspent
  • In case of refund, it will be refunded to the original credit card account
  • Please do not use virtual credit cards when you need to show your physical card, such as booking hotels, car rentals, airline tickets, etc. It is possible that when you need to show your physical card at check-in, you will be embarrassed if you use your virtual card.

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