Hong Kong Citibank Virtual Card Issuing Platform BIN:532959

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Hong Kong Citibank Virtual Card Introduction

Hong Kong Citibank Virtual Card Issuing Platform BIN:532959
  • Card BIN: 532959, a corporate class credit card, issued in Hong Kong
  • No platform royalties
  • Unlimited credit card issuance
  • Card issuance fee, US$ 2 per card
  • You can customize the card effective time, if you hold the card for more than 1 month, you will be charged a $1/month administration fee, if you cancel the card in time within a month, you will not be charged this $1 administration fee.
  • The card can be topped up repeatedly, you need to top up the card before opening it, you can use Citibank transfer, Payoneer transfer, Worldfirst transfer, the top-up fee is 5%.
  • The minimum value for a single card is $10.
  • Cards can be canceled at any time
  • Unused balances can be withdrawn for a 5% withdrawal fee.
  • Cons: No real-time feedback on transaction details, you need to contact customer service for more information.

Card payment testing

  • Can connect to Amazon Payments
  • Can connect to Hong Kong Paypal


This card issuing platform is for e-commerce only, payment for purchases, and may not be used for registration trials. No refusal of payment of any kind is allowed, and the service will be stopped immediately if the card is used in violation of the law!

This is a platform developed by Chinese people, Chinese interface, need to know some Chinese or use browser translation.

If you need this card issuing platform, you can contact me.

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