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There is a huge demand for virtual credit cards, with a high volume of reloadable credit cards for both trial sign-ups and e-commerce shopping reviews. The virtual credit card. Finding a way to issue virtual cards in bulk and sell them to needy buyers at a high price can make a high profit. Buying a card distribution platform from a car dealer is more expensive, and I have tried to find a virtual card issue platform and have worked out some techniques.

I also searched for some websites that issue virtual cards and found that most of these bulk card websites are for the effective management of internal staff financial expenses and inbound application scenarios, to employees bulk open virtual cards, to facilitate staff material procurement or other payments, in the system background unified funds control management, such a set of solutions.

So along the way, I’ve come up with some searchable keywords and found some channels for bulk credit card issuance. The following image shows the keywords I tried to search for, which are related to “business”, “employee”, “bulk”, “unlimited”, “virtual credit card” and so on.

Google search tips for virtual card platforms

These keywords led me to so many virtual card providers.

You can indeed find some virtual card providers this way, but you usually need a U.S. business company credentials to open an account. If you have a U.S. company, this is easy to work out. Also, virtual card services are all fee-based, with a monthly fee of different amounts depending on the number of cards opened, or a card opening fee.

In the same way, if you translate your search keywords into other languages, you may be able to find virtual card providers in other countries.

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