eNett Virtual Credit Card from Hong Kong Card BIN 533510

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eNett Virtual Credit Card from Hong Kong Card BIN 533510

eNett Virtual Credit Card supports payment on Amazon, AliExpress, ebay, and other e-commerce platforms.

Here are the details of the eNett virtual credit card:

  • The card is from Hong Kong, China
  • Can create an unlimited number of virtual credit cards
  • Credit Card Type, Corporate Card Level
  • Repeated rechargeable use
  • Card creation is free and there is a 1% cashback on purchases
  • The MasterCard Organization

Card BIN 533510,This is the result of a query from the Bindb BIN Checker.

eNett Virtual Credit Card from Hong Kong Card BIN 533510

From searching for the company “Optal” on the internet, I learned that they hold a payment license (SVF) in Hong Kong, but the company only has an operations department in Hong Kong. I presume that the reason Optal only has an operations department in Hong Kong is to interface with the Hong Kong financial sector to deal with the financial regulatory and compliance investigations in Hong Kong. Optal does not have a sales department in Hong Kong, so if you need to do a virtual credit card business, you need to contact eNett, the team that actually runs the virtual card, https://www.enett.com. You won’t get any results by consulting Optal directly.

Some users were able to obtain details on how to apply for the eNett Virtual Credit Card after speaking with the eNett Sales Manager.

Requires a Hong Kong company business license, a website to run e-commerce, and a physical office address in Hong Kong. Or need a Singapore company license to do business in the travel industry, with a real office address in Singapore.

Complete company registration information and business documentation should be provided for compliance investigation by eNett. The chances of eNett’s virtual credit card application for travel-related companies in Singapore are high and I guess they won’t be promoting eNett’s virtual credit card product in Hong Kong and Mainland China.

Two years ago, U.S., Chinese, and Hong Kong companies could apply for the eNett virtual credit card without having a physical office address in Hong Kong. But now, because China’s financial regulator requires companies to provide detailed business information and get approval to engage in cross-border payments, a requirement that prevents eNett’s virtual credit card business from operating in mainland China, eNett is developing its business in Hong Kong and requires the Hong Kong company to have a complete application scenario, a physical office address, and an actual e-commerce operation for compliance investigation.

However, eNett’s virtual credit card is now only available to travel industry users in Singapore and no longer works with e-commerce industry users.

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