Create 3 European virtual credit cards with the SEME Pay digital wallet

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About SEME Pay Digital Wallet

SEME Pay is a multi-currency mobile wallet based on blockchain technology, offering customers around the world easy access to make payments, transfer funds, receive payments, and more! This is in addition to providing users with services such as self-application for a European bank account and online application for a MasterCard virtual credit card.

  • Apply for your own SEME MasterCard virtual card online!
  • Open a European bank account online
  • Can be purchased globally and supports multiple payment situations
  • Free exchange of multiple currencies

SEME Pay registration and download

As this is a digital wallet developed by a Chinese company, it only supports Chinese!

SEME Pay registration

Must register via the invitation link below to receive a €1 discount when creating a virtual card!

Registration link:

Register using your mobile phone number. You will need to upload your ID, but if you are a non-Chinese user, you can try uploading your passport and facial recognition authentication will be required. It usually takes one business day to complete the verification.

SEME Pay Download

Download the Android version of the app here:

SEME Pay European Virtual Credit Card

SEME Pay offers the feature of creating European virtual card, which can be operated in the app to create the card after completing the verification of identity.

Create 3 European virtual credit cards with the SEME Pay digital wallet
  • Card BIN 529987
  • Belonging to the United Kingdom
  • Euro currency
  • Mastercard
  • Credit Card Type
  • The card is valid for 3 years
  • Currently, 3 virtual cards can be created

Charge first before you start creating virtual cards. Bind a VISA or Mastercard for a top-up. You need to upload a video of yourself holding your own credit card to be verified. Or recharge via international wire transfer.

The SEME Pay recharge fee is 4.4% of the amount + €0.33, the recharge is made in real time, and once the wallet is topped up, you can create the virtual card.

In general, the virtual card issuance fee is €6.99 per card, and the card issuance fee is €5.99 per card if you register through this link:

The balance in your wallet can be transferred out, and transfers between your SEME Pay accounts can be made without a fee and in real time. Transfers to bank accounts via SWIFT international wire transfer with a handling fee.

Here are the payment applications supported by the Seme Pay virtual card:

  • Payment of advertising costs: Facebook, Instagram,Google Ads,Quora
  • Online shopping: Amazon, Wish, Ebay, Walmart, Estee lauder, European Supreme, AliExpress
  • Account registration: Google Developer Account
  • Entertainment and gaming: Netflix, Amazon Prime Viedo, Spotify, Switch
  • Digital Wallet: Paypal, Alipay, Meituan, DiDi, Facebook Pay
  • App Market Payments: Google Play, Apple Store

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