Coinizy VISA Virtual Card Application Tutorial

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Coinizy VCC is an early virtual card service provider, formerly known as Kardiz. It was the only international virtual card provider at the time that supported WeChat and Alipay purchases and recharges. The virtual cards issued by Coinizy are organized by VISA, and up to three virtual cards can be requested by unauthenticated accounts.

Coinizy visa virtual card application address:

First, open the Coinizy visa virtual card website and the following screen will appear:

Coinizy VISA Virtual Card Application Tutorial

After entering the page, click on the arrow and select “Register” or scroll to the bottom and click “Buy now”. “Enter the registration page. Fill in the registration information to complete the registration, after registration you need to follow the prompts to enter the mailbox to activate, after activation, login account, login The following page will appear later.

Coinizy VISA Virtual Card Application Tutorial

Click on the “+” button or click on “Purchase your Virtual Kardiz”. Card for $0.5″ button to apply for a virtual card. Due to the $0.5 fee, you will not be able to complete the purchase. At this point you need to top up your card, either through Alipay or WeChat.

Click on the “My Kardiz Wallet” button on the left and then on “Deposit funds”. into your wallet” into the top-up channel, then select China if you have other top-ups. The tools can also be chosen otherwise. The next step is to choose the payment tool, there are two payment methods, Alipay and WeChat, choose either one.

The minimum recharge amount for this website is US$2. If you recharge with Alipay or WeChat, it will be automatically converted to RMB for payment. If the recharge is successful, it will be shown in your balance, and then you can buy a virtual card.

Then click on the “My Kardiz Card” button again, and then click on “Purchase your Virtual Kardiz Card for $0.5” card application, this time you will be asked to Fill out the card information.

You can customize the cardholder’s name, billing address, date of birth and mobile phone number, which can be real name or anonymous. Note that only the same information can be used for all three cards. When you buy a second card, it automatically uses the billing information you entered the first time.

Complete the information according to the following diagram

Coinizy VISA Virtual Card Application Tutorial

After completing the form, click on the “Generate your kardiz card” button. Fill out the form to successfully purchase the card without any misunderstanding. The card information and CVV will be shown to us after the purchase, but at this time the card does not have a balance, you need to do it manually. Transfer the account balance to the card and tap the “Load funds to my Card” button on the right. As pictured

Coinizy VISA Virtual Card Application Tutorial

Enter the amount to be transferred, then click “Load my card” to complete the transfer operation, after the successful transfer of the amount can be used.

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