Apply for a VISA virtual card through the Wirex app

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The Wirex app is probably the easiest platform to apply for a virtual card, and there are no purchase fees, no identification, or even top-ups required to apply for a VISA virtual card through Wire. To get a Wirex app VISA virtual card, all you have to do is register an account, no waiting for approval, apply instantly and get your virtual card information (card number, expiry date, name, security code information) issued instantly.

Wirex VCC application website:

Apply for a VISA virtual card through the Wire app

Click the “Join Wire” button to enter the registration page, then fill in the registration information as shown in the picture below. The most important thing is that the verification code must be visible only when the VPN is turned on, we recommend using NordVPN. Register with “Create account”.

Apply for a VISA virtual card through the Wire app

After submitting the registration, the system will send the verification email to your mailbox, click the activation link of the mailbox to verify, you can start logging in after the verification is successful, pay attention when logging in, you must also open VPN to display the verification code, verification through to log in.

After successfully logging in, click on the Virtual Card Account Application button on the left, and select the currency of the virtual card account you wish to apply for. There are virtual cards in the three major currencies of Euros, Pounds, and US Dollars, and the virtual cards are VISA marked. It is allowed to apply for 3 virtual cards and 3 physical MasterCard cards at Wirex. The first virtual card is free of charge and there is an issuance fee of about $3 per card for increasing the number of cards. Physical MasterCard applications are subject to a shipping fee.

You can choose the number of cards you want to apply for or the type of card you want to use. In total, you can apply for 6 credit cards at Wirex, 3 virtual VISA cards, and 3 physical MasterCard cards.

The card information will be sent to your registered email address. If you forget the card information, you can resend it. If you just want to register an account and verify it, you can use it without recharging. If it’s for shopping at an online store, you’ll need to top up your account. Please note that it is recommended that you authenticate your account if you need to spend a large amount of money. If you do not authenticate, there are limits on the amount you can spend and the amount you can top up.

The account is registered, the virtual card is applied for, and you’re ready to use it to your heart’s content! Below is a screenshot of the successful registration and top-up, Wirex can also be used as a bitcoin wallet and is supported for bitcoin top-ups.

Apply for a VISA virtual card through the Wire app

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