Apply for a free TreeCard, a Cherrywood MasterCard debit card

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About TreeCard

The TreeCard claims to be the world’s first wooden debit card, issued by MasterCard and is completely free to apply for, with no hidden fees. When users swipe their card, TreeCard will charge the merchant a transaction fee, which they use to plant trees.

The TreeCard MasterCard debit card can be linked to e-wallets such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay and more.

Apply for a free TreeCard, a Cherrywood MasterCard debit card

Now all you need to do to apply for a TreeCard is to provide your mobile phone number, email address and card mailing address.

I found some information by searching Wikipedia for TreeCard’s issuer, Ecosia.

In October 2020, Ecosia announced that they had purchased a 20% stake in debit card company TreeCard. and plans to partner with MasterCard to launch a new wooden physical debit card in 2021.

The debit cards produced by TreeCard are made of English cherry wood, rather than the plastic to which many other debit cards are accustomed, as plastic takes longer to decompose when discarded. 80% of Ecosia’s profits are planned for global reforestation projects. The transaction fee of $60 per day generated by the user is enough to plant a tree.

Ecosia As a long-established public interest environmental search engine company, TreeCard is still very trustworthy.

Most importantly, we don’t have to pay a lot, and now by making an appointment through a free application, we have access to a US-issued MasterCard physical debit card, which is very useful for our digital migration. You can use it to collect payments and pay online. If you’re interested you can start your registration application now at, free worldwide mailings are due by December 1, 2020.

How to make an appointment to apply for a TreeCard?

Go to TreeCard’s website at, enter your email address, verify your mobile phone number, enter your card mailing address, and fill out a simple survey.

This makes it simple to complete the appointment registration and enter the ranking wait.

Apply for a free TreeCard, a Cherrywood MasterCard debit card

TreeCard will mail cards to U.S. users in early 2021, with plans to issue cards to EU and U.K. users in late 2021.

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