About the US Bento Virtual Credit Card Platform Card BIN 475440

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Bento is a U.S. company that provides business expense management solutions that allow small business owners to spend more time on business planning, product and employee management rather than organizing invoices, expenses and invoice reimbursements. Bento’s initial goal was to allow SME owners to focus more on their business while saving time and money. Bento offers a corporate level virtual credit card service, which is 475440 by card BIN checker, a corporate level virtual credit card.

About the US Bento Virtual Credit Card Platform Card BIN 475440

Apply for the Bento Virtual Credit Card now and get a free two-month trial. During the trial period, you can create up to 50 cards virtual cards and after two months, you need to pay to use them. If you need an unlimited number of virtual cards, you will need to pay a monthly usage fee of $149. There is no card issuance fee or reload fee for reloading to the Bento virtual card platform via US bank account transfer. Interested parties can schedule a demo with the staff at Bento Virtual Credit Card. After the actual application test, the required documents are less than Divvy virtual credit card platform, but you must provide a business license of a U.S. company operating normally, and you must provide the annual inspection report of the state where the business is located, etc.

All the materials required are as follows:

  • U.S. company business license and EIN number
  • U.S. bank account or credit card
  • U.S. utility bills
  • Applicant’s driver’s license and SSN number

Bento does not have a sub-account function, but provides API, strong companies can develop their own virtual card platform, there are already cases that have developed a sub-account platform by applying for Bento account.

About the US Bento Virtual Credit Card Platform Card BIN 475440

Support for custom billing addresses. The Bento virtual credit card allows you to set spending limits on the card, expiration times, and set which types of merchants to spend at, which are much more powerful features than the Divvy virtual credit card platform.

About the US Bento Virtual Credit Card Platform Card BIN 475440

Due to Bento’s strict risk control measures, the company that has developed the Bento sub-account platform has currently agreed with Bento that it can only be used for Facebook consumption and does not support Apple developer accounts, Google Play developer accounts or other consumption scenarios.

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