A few scam sites I experienced where I couldn’t buy a virtual card

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The following is a list of scam sites that I came across during my test research. This scam usually falsely claims that you can purchase a VCC on the site, but in reality, no virtual card information is sent to you when you make payment.


I’m sure many of you who have used Divvy’s card issuance system will have received email ads promoting this platform, and I’m very skeptical about that! , haven’t been able to purchase the virtual card here. One day a friend of mine asked me to help top up PerfectMoney and needed to purchase this virtual card. After I made the purchase, I didn’t receive any message or any reply, which confirmed that this platform is a scam.


The site is beautifully done and doesn’t look like a scam at all, but in fact, after I paid $30 with bitpayments, the money never arrived and someone in the Facebook comment section provided by the site reported it as a scam site.


This site clearly mimics the previous spectrocard.com, but this one uses the template style colors and Same as strobitpay.com. Therefore, it is very likely that this site is owned by the same owner as strobitpay.com to commit fraud.


The prepaidify website claims to be able to purchase a variety of gift cards, including Visa, MasterCard, Vanilla prepaid cards, etc. But after I shopped for a few cards and paid $30 I never got a response or a gift card! No response to two emailed queries, so this platform is a scam.


Expresscards claims to be able to buy virtual cards with minimum denominations of $5 and $10. When I bought the $10 virtual card and paid successfully, customer service sent me an email telling me that the $10 virtual card was out of stock and that I should buy the $20 virtual card. But when I asked for a refund, the customer service never replied, so I decided that this platform should be a fraudulent website.

Dear friend, if you need to buy a VCC, it’s highly recommended to look for a proper website to buy it so you don’t lose money!

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