A brief description of my experience applying for Divvy, the US virtual credit card platform

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My experience of applying for Divvy virtual credit card

In October 2020, Divvy, a U.S. virtual credit card provider, launched a new virtual card, card BIN 531614, by checking the card BIN information, 531614 virtual card is a Business-class credit card issued by WEX Bank.

Divvy’s previous virtual card BIN was 553232. Since Divvy only provides virtual credit card service to corporate users, individual users cannot apply for it. At that time, I did not register a US company, so I gave up applying for Divvy’s virtual credit card. By chance, I saw Divvy’s Google ad online and tried to apply again.

There are many requirements to apply for a Divvy virtual credit card, and I have done a summary.

  • U.S. company EIN number
  • U.S. Corporate Bank Accounts

I recently registered my US company, so I have all of the above. After contacting Divvy’s sales manager and making a brief phone call, I basically understood the various features and usage details of the Divvy virtual credit card platform, so I filled out the application form and planned to top up to the Divvy virtual credit card platform in a few days. Of course, being able to successfully use the Divvy virtual card platform is not that easy. The very next day, I received an email from Divvy that asked me to provide some additional information before I could open an account.

  • Company address proof
  • The last three months of utility bills
  • Bank statements within the last three months
  • Bank statements within the last three months

Since I live in India and am registered as a US company through an agent, I was unable to provide all of the above information. So again, I gave up applying for Divvy virtual credit card.

About the Divvy Virtual Credit Card Platform

Divvy virtual credit card platform provides API interface to customize your virtual credit card issuance system to suit your needs.

By checking the card BIN number, it shows a corporate level credit card. The benefits of a corporate level credit card are not available with other debit cards, prepaid cards, and this type of virtual card can be used to pay at almost any merchant. It would be perfect if you could customize the billing address.

Although I was not successful in applying for the Divvy virtual credit card platform, I obtained this 531614 virtual credit card in other ways and have used this card to make successful purchases in many places.

Divvy 531614 virtual credit card is not customizable for billing addresses, but when paying, just make sure the zip code is correct, usually the merchant’s AVS verification is only for the zip code and there is no verification for the specific address.

Success and failure stories of my other friends who applied for Divvy virtual credit cards

Failure cases

  • A friend registered a new US company, he is Indian, and his application for Divvy virtual credit card was asked to provide profit and loss statements for the past two years, he could not provide these and his application failed.
  • Another friend passed the initial screening, but then asked for his SSN number and proof of his U.S. address. He was an Indian, did not have an SSN, and did not live in the U.S., so his application failed.
  • A third friend, who had a U.S. company and business bank account, and proof of U.S. address, still had his application rejected on the grounds that he “could not verify his identity”.

Successful Cases

  • A Japanese national, who has permanent residency in the United States and has also registered a U.S. company, provided the company’s Profit&loss sheet and Balance sheet for the last two years, as well as his personal driver’s license. After one month, he successfully opened Divvy virtual credit card platform.

Divvy is a U.S. based company, so it is easier to approve if the applicant is a U.S. resident or has a U.S. permanent residency card, taking into account various financial risk issues. If the applicant is a foreigner, even if he is able to provide various information documents of the U.S. company, he will almost never be approved.

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