41 Popular Virtual Credit Card Providers in the World

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Hong Kong Global cash


You can apply directly online for a virtual card or apply for a physical card, attributed to Hong Kong, which is a prepaid card and is available in both HKD and USD.

Ihui traveller’s cheque prepaid card


This is a physical prepaid card from a Chinese company and Hong Kong-based Global cash, available in both HKD and USD. This prepaid card is issued for Chinese customers, so only Chinese citizens can apply to use it. The card can be used to pay for purchases on the MasterCard network worldwide.



A digital wallet issued by HKT in Hong Kong. Only Hong Kong residents can apply to use it. You can get a UnionPay virtual card and a Mastercard virtual card after registering and completing your identity verification. If you go to Hong Kong, you can buy a physical card, which is a prepaid card.

33 Financial prepaid cards


A prepaid card issued by 33 Finance in Hong Kong, which can only be applied for by Hong Kong residents, you must visit the Hong Kong head office to buy a physical card.



Card BIN4665, a virtual credit card provider from Europe. It is possible to obtain a virtual credit card number without authentication and to add a balance to the card via Webmoney. To apply for this virtual credit card, you must have proof of a European address.



Issued by a Hong Kong company, non-Hong Kong residents are required to travel to Hong Kong in person to complete identity verification and can use their passport. Each person can only apply for 3 cards, in Hong Kong currency, MasterCard Virtual prepaid card.



A European virtual credit card provider that requires proof of a European address in order to apply. After completing the identity verification, you can get a physical MasterCard debit card, and a virtual MasterCard card. Reload via bank transfer.



A digital wallet in Europe that offers a VISA virtual credit card service that allows you to create 5 virtual credit cards.



A digital wallet in Eastern European countries that creates virtual credit cards that can be topped up via Webmoney.



Moneypolo is an e-wallet tool, similar to Okpay, and is the first virtual card platform I know of that offers the ability to get both Visa and Mastercard cards and supports top-up purchases via credit cards, QIWI e-wallets, and more. Moneypolo has both virtual and physical cards available for applications, which require verification of personal identification information, a passport photo, and proof of address to be authenticated.



The Wirex app is probably the easiest platform to apply for a virtual card and there are no card issuance fees to apply for a VISA virtual card. All you have to do to get a Wirex App VISA virtual card is to register an account, no mobile number verification is required and you will have immediate access to your virtual card information (card number, expiry date, name, security code information).



Founded in 2005 and headquartered in New York, USA, Payoneer is authorized by the MasterCard organization with card issuance status. Payoneer provides simple, secure, and fast transfers to affiliates with large and diverse payer populations. With thousands of affiliates and millions of payees, Payoneer has become a leader in the payments industry, with partners in a wide range of industries and services in more than 210 countries worldwide. Payoneer virtual credit cards can be used to purchase products on AliExpress for Dropshipping.



OKPAY is an online e-money payment program that accepts and processes payments for unique merchants with a variety of payment options (credit cards, bank wire, e-money, funds transfer systems, mobile payment services). With MasterCard, you can withdraw money anywhere in the world at ATMs, pay online or use it anywhere the MasterCard® logo is displayed, and receive payments online directly on OKPAY.



This is a Russian digital wallet that creates virtual credit cards without authentication and is the most widely used virtual card provider in Russia.



EcoPayz offers a one-time use, secure virtual credit card for added peace of mind. Even if your card number is stolen during an online transaction, you cannot use it again. EcoPayz can be ordered in EUR, USD and GBR. The cost of a one-time issue is €1.80 and the transaction fee is 4%. Consumers can create three prepaid (one-time) cards at once. This means that you can use this service to purchase as many online services from different countries as you need.

China Pudong Development Bank Virtual Credit Card


The E-GO Card is a standalone virtual credit card, which does not have a physical card and exists in the form of an account that can be used exclusively for online purchases. The cardholder is free to set the spending limit and usage period of the E-GO Card within the available credit limit of the physical card, and to suspend or activate the card at any time. Available for China customers only.



Yandex.Money is the first electronic payment system in Russia, which allows users to make payments through payment terminals, e-money, prepaid cards and other electronic means in all regions of Russia. Bank transfers (bank cards) and other methods to top up your wallet. It is possible to create an unlimited number of virtual cards or to apply for a physical card.



In a word, virtualcards are a very easy to obtain non-debit virtual credit card from MasterCard. If you are a student, don’t have a job, or you don’t want to use your real credit card to make purchases online, VirtualCards makes it easy for you to get a real MasterCard credit card. You don’t need to be authenticated, you can bind PayPal, bind Google play and top up with Alipay.



A virtual credit card provider from Singapore that only Singaporean users can apply for. Offers both physical and virtual MasterCard cards. This company has now discontinued its services.

 Solid Trust Pay


A virtual credit card provider from Europe that only residents of EU member states can apply for. Now bankrupt!



Skrill allows you to not only use your virtual card online, but also send money to friends and buy cryptocurrency. Once you have money in your Skrill account, you can create virtual cards that you can spend anywhere MasterCard is supported. Only the first virtual card is free, there is a fee for creating additional virtual cards. The Skrill virtual credit card can be used in any of the following currencies: USD, EUR, GBP or PLN. you can cancel the virtual card at any time and even choose how long the card should be active so that it will automatically expire and become invalid for anyone who has the card number!



Netletter is one of the best alternatives to PayPal and offers a virtual MasterCard credit card for online purchases. netletter charges a small fee on transactions. You can create a Netletter virtual prepaid card for free by joining the site.



V-Preca is a Japanese-issued Visa virtual prepaid card that is limited to Internet purchases. It can be used to make purchases at any Visa-supported merchant in the world. You can use the V-Preca virtual card just like a regular credit card. You can have up to 10 V-Preca virtual cards, and you can use each card for a specific purpose.



This card is a virtual prepaid card provided by Mitsubishi UFJ NICOS, which allows you to create up to three virtual cards. The card can be created only by recharging your wallet, with a minimum value of 500 yen. The card can be topped up with other cards such as VISA, Mastercard and Jcb, or through convenience stores in Japan.



An online store that sells virtual credit cards and must use a U.S. credit card in order to pay.



Western Union NetSpend Virtual Prepaid Card. It offers online bill payment, direct deposit and a mobile app for managing your account. You can receive payments directly through the card, which allows you to forgo traditional money transfers.



Vanilla Gift Card is a prepaid virtual credit card issued in the USA with a US dollar balance and a fixed amount of money, such as 20, 25, 30, 50, 100, 200, 300, 500, etc. The minimum amount is usually 20 dollars. The minimum amount is usually $20. For example, a $100 gift card would cost a minimum of $106, of which $6 would be used by the issuing company to create the card and cover operating costs.



Entropay, a type of virtual card, is commonly used to purchase virtual goods such as domain names, web hosting, VPS, and dedicated servers, and can also be used to make payments on ebay and Amazon.An Entropay account is a prepaid account that gives you an Entropay virtual card that you can use to make purchases anywhere online that accepts VISA cards.Entropay is a prepaid account that gives you an Entropay virtual card that you can use to make purchases anywhere online that accepts VISA cards. You can use other regular credit or debit cards to top up your Entropay Virtual Card.



Mvmpay is Singapore’s virtual card platform that allows you to create a MasterCard virtual credit card, you must use a Singapore mobile phone number to register an account. It has been tested that the account does not require authentication or even top up to get 5 virtual cards.

PayPal Key


PayPal Key is a powerful virtual card from PayPal. You can bundle your credit card with PayPal Key, or use other payment methods such as PayPal Balance, and then generate a VISA virtual debit card with PayPal Key.

Amazon Mastercard Card


Amazon Mastercard is a MasterCard virtual card issued by Amazon Japan that requires a Japanese ID and proof of address to apply for and is used exclusively to make purchases at Amazon stores in Japan.



Cryptopay is a digital currency trading platform that allows you to create card BIN4665 virtual credit cards without authentication, but you must have proof of a European address.


Capitalist is a Russian e-wallet that allows you to create two MasterCard virtual cards, one euro card and one dollar card without identification verification, and after verification you can create four cards, two physical and two virtual cards.



Unichange is an electronic currency exchange platform that offers virtual credit cards in both Euro and US Dollar currencies.



Payza is also an e-wallet tool, similar to Paypal, that requires authentication and credit card verification to apply for a virtual card.



mycard2go is a German virtual credit card provider, issued by Wire bank. mycard2go does not require any ID to register an account, but you need to top up your card before you can create a virtual card, which is automatically created when you top up. You need to top up your card with KLARNA online banking or local cash.

Vandle Japan


Vandle is a Japanese virtual credit card provider. You must register with a Japanese mobile number to create a virtual card without authentication, and it supports recharging with Bitcoin. After identity verification, you can apply for a physical card.



Chocom is also a Japanese virtual card platform that needs to be topped up through a Japanese convenience store, or a Japanese credit card.



The Docomokouza card is a virtual credit card issued by the Japanese company Docomo, which can be applied for without authentication and has a minimum validity of only 10 days, and there is also a 3-year option that requires a Japanese electronic currency or credit card to top up the card.



Nttsmarttrade is a Japanese virtual credit card platform with an easy-to-use interface in English, which can only be topped up with Japanese credit cards.

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